FMDG Mission Statement

The Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls is dedicated to developing, promoting and sustaining the competitive sport of women’s roller derby.  Our vision is to advance the sport of women’s flat track roller derby in North Dakota and beyond.  FMDG’s core values consist of the empowerment of women, diversity, community, democracy and excellence.

Who We Are

Inspired by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s (WFTDA) motto: “By the skaters, for the skaters!”, we formed in 2008 as North Dakota’s premiere flat track roller derby league.  FMDG is on a mission to bring competitive roller derby to North Dakota by developing a strong athletic organization and hosting bouts with leagues across the nation.  We are dedicated to the evolving culture and sport of modern roller derby. FMDG challenges social stereotypes and strives to provide positive role models for young and old alike.  Through the league’s bouts, events, and outreach, we brings athleticism and creativity to what NBC Nightly News calls, “The fastest growing sport in America.”

In order to maintain the motto of “By the Skaters, For the Skaters” every league member is expected to participate in the business end of the league.  We learn how to create and maintain professional partnerships with local businesses, file taxes, produce and promote events and everything else that is required to run a successful business in the state of North Dakota.  Our organization provides a healthy athletic outlet for the women and an opportunity to bring our community together.

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