The FM Derby Girls are BACK… at the Fargo Civic Center!


Mark your calendars for the one and only home bout at the Fargo Civic Center this season!

We’ll have more Season 8 home bouts, but at a different location (TBD). BUT if you get into our Fresh Meat program this month, starting on Thursday, January 19th, you may be able to skate the track at the Civic! For more Fresh Meat information email:

Join the FM Derby Girls!

We’re starting a new Fresh Meat class on Thursday, January 19th, 2017!

Join the fun and become an FM Derby girl! Contact us for more information.


Season 8 Home Bouts CANCELLED until further notice…

We haven’t been active online lately because we’re super bummed about some recent bad news….

We regret to inform you all that the Air Museum has decided NOT to host our Season 8 home bouts. Due to the time-frame of their decision, we have not found a replacement venue. All scheduled home games are cancelled until further notice.
We are truly disappointed about this situation, but never fear, we will be back soon and better than ever! Stay tuned for updates!

We will still be involved in local community events and playing away bouts while we try to find a new home bout location. Our first away bout is in Bismarck on December 10th!