It takes a Village to Raise a Derby League

Our league members are not only from the local area, they are also vibrant, productive members of the Fargo Moorhead community who interact with local businesses every day.  And what is true for each of us is also true for the entire league, as well as its volunteers, fans, and families!  Becoming a sponsor of the Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls not only helps support a creative, competitive outlet for women, it also enhances your business’s image through its association with a sport of smart, independent, energetic people.  We take every opportunity to recognize our sponsors, from the banners and announcements during bouts, to hosting derby events in our sponsors’ businesses.


You & your business could become a sponsor for the FM Derby Girls this season!

Discover more about becoming an FMDG sponsor by downloading our Sponsorship Packet (PDF), or contacting us for additional details!



Become an FMDG sponsor:

  • Roller Derby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.
  • The average age of the derby skater is in her thirties, a time when she is making peak purchasing decisions.
  • Roller Derby fans are a demographically diverse crowd, and include many families and multiple generations.
  • FMDG is owned and operated by the skaters.
  • Sponsorship dollars, together with revenue from member dues, bout proceeds, fundraising, and merchandise sales are invested into the league and pay our operational expenses, including insurance, marketing and venue rentals.
  • FMDG participates in local community efforts and supports local charities and non-profit organizations through donations and volunteer work.